he makes me feel special <3

he makes me feel special <3

today i went to the zoooo my favorite was the belugas sooo cute they are (= and to top my day off i ate at my new fav spot TGI FRIDAYS om nom nom. my days in china are officially numbered, (i’ve been counting down since the 16th) haha its bittersweeet sad to be leaving i’m gonna miss beijing, the shopping trips all the chinese food but most of all my sister plus side i’ll be seeing her in july. but i am ready to return to canada all the sights i have seeing and the experiences i’ve had since being in china i am soo grateful for, truly blesssed. but i miss my lil furry loves can’t wait to return to them their all i could talk about and think about this whooole trip i wanna make 1 more shopping trip before i leave tho hehe can’t get enough of these low low prices ;)

finally i have returned to my temporary home in yanjiao. went to chris’s hometown where they had another banquet for them and the village where he grew up. that was definately something to see reminded me of the reserves back home in Saskatchewan bumpy roads and all lol. they had a HUGE fireworks display which was AWESOME i’ll post a video soon and theres more shopping i plan to do this week i have 13 days left in china :( but i’m excited to see my furry babies i miss them

today i finally got to do the tourist thing, visited the great wall which was AMAZING!! i kind of conquered my fear of heights as you can see from the picture. got to see  ti aneman square and the forbidden city. 3 things i can cross off my bucketlist :D this weekend we will be going to chris’s hometown for after-wedding dinner.. i’m soo excitedd.!!

well my sisters wedding is over. what an amazing/interesting thing to see. i’ve met a huuge chunk of our new family. our big family has grown to be even bigger. only adding a couplw pictures cause i would like to show them all when i have a chance to upload them to facebook so my whole fam could see. nai nai and ye ye are soo adorable i wish i could take them home with me lol 

i&#8217;m on a mission to find him :) my asian dream man. sung kang

i’m on a mission to find him :) my asian dream man. sung kang

my inspiration ♥ one day i&#8217;ll have this (=

my inspiration ♥ one day i’ll have this (=

my 3rd day in china i was able to finally go dress and shoe shopping lol i almost had a heart attack when i seen ALL the shoes, the shopping district was 7 floors i can’t wait to go again. i wish i had time to do more shopping but were doing last minute things preparing for the wedding this saturday. i also got a massage on tuesday which was interesting lol but i felt soo good after, my shoulder wasn’t as sore. i haven’t been taking that many pictures as i haven’t been doing sighseeing yet but soon once the weddings all over we will be doing the tourist thing (=

i’ve arrrived!!

my trip soo faar has been interesting. the language barrier takes some getting used too. i have met some of my new family and they are sooo nice and welcoming. nai nai and ye ye are the cutest grandparents i’ve ever seen, had lunch with my new family EVERYONE keeps saying stay in china and you’ll find a boyfriend lol soo funnny. tomorrow i will be in beijing for my sisters baby docs appt gotta find my dress and shoes for the wedding i have to carry my camera everywhere with me soo many things to take pictures of… update soon xoxoxo